Mechanical Harvesting

Springdale Forest Resources Inc., Mechanical Harvesting Division, cuts the wood allocation of Springdale Forest Resources Inc. and supplies pulpwood to Corner Brook Pulp and Paper. Harvested logs are transported to Green Bay Logging Ltd. or to Burton's Cove Logging. Currently, Springdale Forest Resources Inc. is also a subcontractor for Corner Brook Pulp and Paper.

Muskrat Falls
More recently, Springdale Forest Resources Inc. has also conducted harvesting and mulching operations at the Lower Churchill Falls Project in the following capacities:

  • 2012 - The lead contractor with Nukum Forestry Limited, the company which cut the right-of-way into the Muskrat Falls Site.
  • 2013-2014 - Subcontractor for Johnson Construction Limited both on the South Side Reservoir as well as the transmission line.
  • Cut right-of-way for the Caroline Brook access road.
  • Cut borrow pit area for Astaldi Muskrat Falls Project
  • Transported 15,000 m3 of wood for Nalcor

The harvesting division is proud of its record for safe practices. It strives to provide safe working conditions and to preserve the integrity of the environment in which wood is harvested and transported. “It is a first class operation,” says Pat Tompkins, manager of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper’s Woodlands Division. “Dennis has really done a lot with his company over the years – It’s well run, orderly, and tidy. It’s the kind of operation people are proud to work for and be associated with.”