Diamond Drilling

A Division of Springdale Forest Resources Inc.

Springdale Diamond Drilling, an affiliate of Springdale Forest Resources Inc., has six Duralite 500 rigs, which drill to depths of 600 metres, two Duralite 800’s which are able to drill to 1000 metres and one Duralite 1000 rig, capable of drilling to depths of 1200 metres. These rigs were made into components that could be flown on a twin otter aircraft and became especially adaptable in an environment where rigs had to be moved by helicopter, as was the case in Labrador and Mary River, Nunavut.


Springdale Diamond Drilling has the equipment and necessary experience to carry out both GEOTECHNICAL and CORE drilling projects.


Geotechnical drilling is often related to the construction of a building or other structure. This process is usually performed by a firm, such as Springdale Diamond Drilling, which specializes in providing these services. One common reason for geotechnical drilling is site preparation. Site preparation is conducted to determine whether soil composition is suitable for the intended use and to render the site suitable for the construction. This process is critical for large structures, as unsafe soil or rock conditions may lead to structural collapse.

Springdale Diamond Drilling has extensive experience in site preparation projects.

Core Drilling:

Core drilling is conducted for the specific purpose of removing a cylinder of material. Core drills are used in mineral exploration where the core sample to be extracted may be several hundred to several thousand meters in length. Core samples provide the exploration company with information necessary to begin or abandon mining operations in a particular area.

As evident by its many clients, Springdale Diamond Drilling has a vast array of experience and expertise in core drilling.


Some satisfied clients of Springdale Diamond Drilling include:

  • Baffinland Iron Mines, Mary River Iron Ore Deposit, Nunavut
  • Commander Resources in Dewar Lake, Gold Deposit, Nunavut
  • Marathon PGM Corp (Newfoundland), Gold Deposit, Valentine Lake, NL
  • Crosshair Resources, Golden Promise property near Badger, NL
  • Aurora Resources (Labrador), Uranium Deposit, Postville, Labrador
  • Altius Minerals
  • Mountain Lake Resources, near Bay D’Espoir Road, NL
  • Vale Inco, Gold Deposit near Sept Isles, Quebec
  • Thundermin Resources Inc. Copper Deposit near Springdale, NL
  • Beaver Brook Antimony Mine Inc., near Glenwood, NL
  • Copper Hill Resources Inc.Powderhorn Property near Badger, NL
  • Royal Roads Resources, near Buchans and Daniel’s Pond (Millertown), NL
  • Paragon Minerals Corportation, near Gander, NL
  • Abitibi Mining, near Jackson’s Arm, White Bay, NL
  • Teck Resources Ltd., Duck Pond, NL
  • Anaconda Mining Inc., Pine Cove, NL
  • Alterra Resources Inc., St. Lewis, Labrador
  • Advanced Exploration Inc., Roche Bay and Tuktu, Nunavut
  • Manson Creek Resources Ltd., Summerford, Notre Dame Bay, NL
  • Canstar Resources, near St. Johns, NL
  • Soldi Ventures Inc., Glenwood, NL
  • Cornerstone Resources, Little Deer Pond, near Springdale, NL
  • Newfoundland Fluorspar Exploration Ltd., St. Lawrence, NL
  • Canadian Imperial Venture Corp.
  • Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd.